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Rattie Lovers

where rats are royalty

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Welcome to rattielovers!

This community is a place to talk about rats; ratteries, breeders, pregnancy, development, sexing, genetics, varieties, colors, markings, health and general information.

Community Info and Rules

ONE: general conduct
[a] First and foremost, we ask that you be respectful. This is a forum to discuss rats, not create drama. We encourage healthy debate but if you can't discuss issues in a mature manner, we ask that you not participate. We understand that if you're particularly passionate about a subject things can get out of hand unintentionally so you will get a warning and be asked to step back and take a breather to calm down some.

[b] There is a 3 strikes and you're out rule. If we get 3 or more serious complaints about a member, we will be forced to remove that member from this community. Any other issues will be dealt with at our discretion.

[c] Trolls will be banned without question.

[d] If you are banned from this community please refrain from signing up under alternate accounts to cause more trouble.

[e] If you have a disagreement with one or more of the members of the community, try to resolve it either by talking to the members or contacting a moderator. Do not make a seperate post in regards to the situation. It just creates drama. That post will be deleted and you will get a warning.

TWO: regarding posts
[a] Long posts and pictures larger than 400x300 are to be cut. If your post looks long, it probably is, so cut it. (How to use LJ-cuts)

[b] We ask that you try to stay as on-topic as possible. Occasional posts about other animals are welcome, but we ask that you please place it behind a cut.

[c] We also ask that you do not post promoting non-rat related communities. If you have a non-rat related community (or more specifically, non-animal related at all) to promote, please see community_promo.

[d] Posts concerning issues with other members of the community are strictly forbidden. If you have a problem, please contact any one of the moderators and explain your issues.

* Posts violating rules will need to be edited as per a mods request, or it will otherwise be deleted.

THREE: vets
[a] We are not vets. While several of us are knowledgable in the keeping and care of rats we can not be a substitute for veterinary care. We welcome questions regarding health, but please use your common sense. If it seems like an emergency it probably is, in which case you should seek veterinary care as soon as possible.

[b] If you need help finding a rat friendly vet where you live, please don't hesitate to ask. We will help find you one as best as we can.

[a] For sake of redundancy, please check out the FAQ section before asking a question. Your answer may already be waiting in there.

[b] If you feel any post should be added to the memories, please suggest it.

FIVE: breeding
[a] We, as a group, do not have a problem with the breeding of rats. I know you will come across some people who don't think rats should be bred, period. We are not those people.

However, we recognize that there is a time and place for everything. Breeding rats when you do not have all of the knowledge to do so, as far as we are concerned, is not the right time or place.

Our advocacy of breeding rats comes down to a few basic questions:
[1] Do you know anything about genetics? Specifically, rat genetics?
[2] Do you have the monetary means to deal with pregnancy and a litter of babies?
[3] Do you have a plan for any babies that you may not be able to find a home for?
[4] Do you know how you should behave in situations such as birthing problems (late pregnancy, blocked canal, inducing labor)?
[5] Do you know how to care for babies that have been or have needed to be orphaned for whatever reason?

If you can answer yes to all of these questions, then congratulations! You've done your homework. If you have to answer no to any of these questions, then you're not ready to be breeding yet. This is where we come in. If you're serious and willing to learn, there are people around there that will be willing to help you. Asking questions and being accepting of criticism proves that you're ready and willing to be responsible, which means we will help you in any way that we can.

We're going to tell it like it is. If you're considering breeding, ask about something, and we feel you're not ready to be breeding and we tell you so, do not get huffy about it. You brought it on yourself. We definitely encourage questions to be asked, but we do not appreciate attitude when we're trying to help.

[b] Here are a couple of good links to help you think about breeding:

Once you join, please feel free to introduce yourself! If you would like, here is a little sample of what you could post:

How long have you liked rats?:
How many rats do you have?:
And a couple pictures of your ratties

Contact Information:
explodemyheart: rapturous@gmail.com
glasspinata: brimmk84@yahoo.com
witherwings7: SAlperin1983@sbcglobal.net

Other rat-related LJ communities:

Thanks to midnitejoyride for making this community.