KitschyDuck (kitschyduck) wrote in rattielovers,

RIP Staring Rats

 I've been keeping rats for eleven years now, but due to the endless heart ache of having rat after rat put to sleep after such short life spans, it's taken it's toll and I've decided not to get anymore. I just feel such a bond with each little rodent I let into my heart and before I know it I'm having to watch them die. You may have seen my last two rats on Tonight with Jay Leno, Attack of The Show, Rude Tube, Untamed and Uncut and probably some other shows I've forgotten. They'll be on a Japanese show called 'Unbelievable' next month. The reason I'm posting here is because I've been in tears all night because my very last rat, Bainbridge has just been put to sleep this evening due to the symptoms of diabetes. He couldn't walk anymore and absolutely hated being alone. He wouldn't eat more than a few licks of baby food a day and became so clingy to me. It was heart breaking and I felt so embarrassed crying in public at the vet office afterwards. So, in his memory, as well as his brother's , I'd like to share the video that made them famous with people who understand my sadness of never being able to stroke his cute face again...

For details as to why they did this, check out the video description on You Tube
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