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Rest in Peace Alexander :-(

Tonight I came home to find my pet rat Alexander had passed away in his cage :-( I used to call him "The Old One" since he was my oldest rat, nearing about four years of age. I had adopted him and his brother Gary (who passed away of cancer a year ago last June). I adopted them both from the Toronto Humane Society back in May 2009 to give them a home, when their previous owner had surrendered them saying that it was because they were bought for the kids and the kids weren't taking care of them anymore. Alexander quickly became the new boss rat and loved to stuff his face with food and treats. I nicknamed him Mr. Alexander after that. :-D He was a tough one and even when he was becoming older and not as mobile as before, he kept on wanting to live on, especially after I got him a new cage mate when I adopted the dumbo rat named George from Toronto Animal Services. I knew that Alexander was going to pass away sooner or later but it seems that he could never give up while I was around, always wanting to be held, taken out to play and given treats. He loved apple slices and yogurt treats. Alexander will be buried next to his brother Gary at the garden plot location under the tall spruce trees. R.I.P. Alexander :-(
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