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Cage & Stuffs Available in NoVA

Hey all!

My two baby ratties died this past spring and summer, and I've just been keeping their cage w/the hope that I might eventually get some more someday. However, I'm about to move, and I unfortunately can't keep the cage anymore, 'cause there's just no use for me carting it around when the next time I get another caged pet would be in the distant future. (Like 2 - 5 yrs, plus, since having little ones who pass away so quickly is just too painful for me to repeat anytime soon.) So, would anybody like a big, mulit-level Clean Living cage, w/all the trimmings inside? (You can choose to keep or toss what you like, of course.) It's got a hammock and a silent-spinner wheel, an unused rolly-ball (the kind they get in), and all the food/water stuffs needed, as well as a bunch of rattie toys.

The cage is stored in Sterling, & I'm asking $100 for all of it, but am open to reasonable offers. :)

Here's a link to where I got mine from; (though it's on back order from them ATM):

Plus, if you'd like to see the cage in action, (to see how your guys might like the cage, or to examine its relative size), you can see a wee video I made of my late ratties on YouTube, @ (I had to stand on tiptoe to see into their hammock, which was on the top level, and I'm 5'2".)

It was a darned good cage. And I'd say the only improvement they could have -possibly- made to it would be that it'd be great to have clear side litter protectors on each level, too (like the one they already have on the bottom level), 'cause although the protector on the bottom keeps the bedding in, it'd be nice to make it harder for the little stinkers to fling their poo off the top levels. ;) (But that can be remedied w/putting the cage on a mat, or in between book shelves like I did so it's easier to just wipe away. :))

Thanks lots y'all, and many happy returns w/all your own little ratties. :)

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