Erin (natane) wrote in rattielovers,

Don't know how active this community is, but it can't hurt to join.

Name: Erin (and I can't forget to mention my co-mommy, Jenni)
Age: 18 (and 18)
Location?: Western NC, US
How long have you liked rats?: I've always loved animals of any type. These are my first rats but I've had two rodents before - a gerbil and a hamster. The gerbil died from improper care from my family when I was away for a few days (I was 12) and the hamster, which was a family pet, died about 4 months ago from eating bedding.
How many rats do you have?: Two. Their names are Harry and Draco.

[Quick disclaimer: They were feeder rats. Yes, I know we did nothing to stop others from being bred as feeder rats, but these two are at least having a good life. Lecturers may go elsewhere, thank you.]

They're both male and we're not precisely sure how old they are - we got them from a pet store. We estimate that they're maybe 8-9 weeks currently, although that could be wrong. They are both currently about 14 inches long when stretching, including tail. We haven't weighed them simply because we have nothing to do so.

Harry is black with a white belly. He's very hyper and skittish, and even though we're 98% sure they were from the same litter, he's skinnier. He likes to wrestle (over anything, at all) and shove Draco out of the way to drink from the water bottle. Although he was the calmer one when we first bought them, he's having some issues with being held, still.

Draco is... fat. If he didn't have those humongous rat balls, I'd worry about him being a pregnant female! He's much better with being held, but he has a recent preoccupation with trying to get out of the tank when we take the top off. He's white - actually I believe the color is called champagne? - and has dark pink eyes. He's friendly and content and will actually lie there after being knocked away from the water bottle with Harry standing on top of him drinking.

So... that's my intro!
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